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Call Us: 07856 676 789/   enquire@dcplus.club   / 8A - 9A, 509 Aldridge Road, B44 8NA

Your Questions Answered

My child's current out of school club only offer a piece of fruit to eat, what do you give for tea time snacks?

We offer a fully cooked meal with a dessert after school.  Fruit is also available for children to snack on throughout the afternoon.  We feel that the amount of time that is between children eating lunch at school, until they go home is far too long for them not to eat something substantial.  Plus it takes some of the pressure off you as a parent after a long day at work.

Why are your prices higher than the after school club at my child's school?

Firstly, we offer a package of services that is all inclusive of our price.  Your child will receive light tutoring which is line with the current National Curriculum and also dance classes each day.  We provide fully cooked meals every day except for Friday which is the take away treat day.  We also operate from hired premises so our overheads will be considerably more than an after school club on a school site.  In addition to this, we also have our own vehicle to transport your child to and from school, and of course a vehicle takes money to run and maintain.  All in all, for a quality service the cost will be that bit more than the standard clubs that are available elsewhere.

Can you prove your registration and qualifications?

YES! Of course!  We do not upload our registration or qualification certificates online but we are more than happy to show them to you upon registration with us at your request.  We display our registration certificate, first aid certificates and insurance certificates at our setting at all times during our operating hours.

Our current holiday club just play games and let the children run around outside, what activities do you do?

We do a variety of activities, most of which are free, however sometimes we will require a contribution for certain activities.  In previous holiday clubs we have been to the museum, had a children's Thai boxing workshop exclusively for DC Childcare Plus, we have been to workshops in libraries and been bowling.  That is just to name a few.  In addition to this, we also have games and indoor activities such as planting flower seeds and painting masks.  We agree that children need to let off steam and run around, so we take the to the park also. We are fortunate to have our own transport, so we are able to give the children more opportunities to get out and experience more.

What tutoring is done in the after school club?

In the afternoons light tuition consists of small bits of Maths and English.  We spend around 10 - 15 minutes revising a calculation method or an aspect of English grammar, perhaps adverbial phrases or modal verbs.  This is very light and is just to refresh and assist your children with things that they will be looking at in school.  This is mostly done on mini whiteboards and occasionally on small worksheets.  Children are encouraged but not forced to participate.